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  • Welcome to My Clean Kitchen. We have a clean eating philosophy and strive to create recipes full of whole, fresh, and healthy ingredients. Here are some of our latest creations. Enjoy!
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    • Whole 30 Week 4
      Whole 30 Week 4 - My Clean Kitchen

      Why We Did It There are two main reasons we decided to do a Whole 30. The first is simply to see if we could break our addiction to sugar, wheat and dairy. And more importantly, to see if we could be happy after doing so. The second reason was to see if all of Read More.

    • Broiled Tilapia with Dill and Roasted Tomatoes
      Broiled Tilapia with Dill and Tomatoes simple and delish!

      The other day my daughter and I were at the grocery store and we passed by the fish counter. She went crazy, "mommy I want shrimp, I want fish, oh can we get those crab hands" Of course she meant crab claws, kids can be so cute sometimes. So out of respect for my "Eat it even if you don't like it rule" I snagged two fish fillets. Read More.

    • Whole 30 Week 3
      My Clean Kitchen Whole 30 Week 3 Meals

      Okay everyone, we have made it to Whole 30 week 3! Phew, there where times when I thought this moment might not be possible. Times when I thought I would crumble to my chocolate and macaroni and cheese cravings. But will power prevailed and here we are, 3/4 done with Whole 30!!! I have to Read More.

    • Chocolate Banana Snowballs
      Chocolate Banana Snowballs Whole 30 Approved!!!

      I am almost done with my third week of Whole 30 and at this point I have fallen into a sort of rhythm with what I am eating. I have figured out what foods work best for me for breakfast and lunch and am even discovering some regular dinners to keep in my rotation. I Read More.

    • Whole 30 Week 2
      My Clean Kitchen Whole 30 Week 2 Meals!

      I am happy to announce that I survived Week 2 of Whole 30 (insert fanfare music)!  Overall this week was much easier than the first, but it was not without its difficulties. We struggled with eating out more this week and surviving social situations. We are also starting to fall into food ruts, which is making Read More.

    • A Tale of Two Bloody Marys
      Fresh Bloody Mary Yum!!!

        Still looking for something to make with all those fresh summer tomatoes? Look no further! Jessica and I decided to make fresh tomato juice for the express purpose of creating the ultimate Bloody Mary- well 2 Bloody Mary’s actually. Because we are both still flush with fresh tomatoes, we knew we had to something Read More.

    • Love = Slow Cooker Whole 30 Pulled Pork
      Pulled Pork Whole 30 Real Food Clean Eating SO GOOD

      Back in February I met a local Virginia author named Marietta McCarty. I was invited by a friend to an event she was doing for her new book called “The Philosopher’s Table: How to Start Your Philosophy Dinner Club – Monthly Conversation, Music, and Recipes.” Marietta is a philosopher, professor, author, and so much more. Read More.

    • Whole 30: Week 1
      My Clkean Kitchen Whole 30 Week 1

      This week kicked off an entire month of Whole 30 for My Clean Kitchen. I (Jessica here!) decided to take on the Whole 30 challenge and document my adventure. Since many of the posts I have read in regards to Whole 30 seem to take a “cheer leading” approach to the program, I decided to Read More.

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    My Clean Kitchen is written by friends and colleagues, Sara Christopherson and Jessica Warrens. They each bring a unique perspective to the clean eating philosophy on the recipes, stories, and content here at My Clean Kitchen.
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