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    • Olive Tapenade and Goat Cheese Bruschetta
      Olive Tapenade Bruschetta 4 SIZED

        The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is both my favorite and most stressful time of year wrapped up into one shiny overstuffed package. You have the parties, the shopping, the family gatherings, the ugly sweaters (okay these are actually pretty fun) all of which I both love…but after a month or so start to Read More.

    • Prime Rib Roast
      So Good Prime Rib Roast!! Sera Petras Photography

      I think this prime rib roast is going to become a tradition for us. It’s simple to prepare but indulgent in flavor. I decided to include it in my Holiday Spread because it’s quintessential holiday, fancy fare. Plus, its really fun to photography, so why not make it when Sera Petras is there to take pictures. Read More.

    • Gravlax with Lemon Caper Cream Cheese
      Gravlax with Lemon Caper Cream Cheese Mezzetta Super Good

      With Hanukkah around the corner, I thought I’d try my hand at some Gravlax. My hubby also loves smoked salmon, so it’s also a nice treat for him. We recently did Whole30, and the thing he craved most was a gravlax. Most gravlax is made with sugar, but I replaced the regular sugar with coconut palm Read More.

    • Completely Unnecessary but Absolutely Perfect Gifts for Foodies
      Unnecessary but Perfect Food GIfts

      Do you have a foodie in your life who already has everything? I have a feeling that is what our families think about us. But my fellow foodies and I are here to tell you that we have a special affection for unnecessary kitchen gadgets. Now, I will say – not all gadgets are created equal. Read More.

    • A Holiday Spread
      A Holiday Spread Photography by Sera Petras

      Photography by Sera Petras I’ve always found decorating for the holidays somewhat of a challenge. There are so many decisions to make. This is especially true, at least for me, when I have company coming over, even for just a meal. So, this year I thought I’d challenge myself to just go for it.  In Read More.

    • Our Favorite Food Books
      Cooking concept. Groceries with empty cookbook close up

      Still looking for gift ideas for this holiday season? Here are some of our favorite books that would make wonderful gifts for the food lover in your life. Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation by Michael Pollan This is by far my favorite book of the year. Michael Pollan expertly dives into modern food culture Read More.

    • Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons
      Chocolate Dipped Coconut Maccaroons SO GOOD Photo by Sera Petras Photography

      Photo by Sera Petras Can you believe how beautiful these macaroons are? Well, that’s partly because they are so tasty, but also because Sera Petras came over and photographed them. I can’t believe how lucky we were to stumble upon Sera. Not only does she have the 2nd coolest name on the planet (After mine Read More.

    • Green Beans with Bacon and Cocktail Onions
      Green Beans with Cocktail Onions - Mezzetta

      We are so excited to be participating in the Mezzetta Memories Holiday Giveaway. “Holiday Memories” is such a fun giveaway theme. As I’ve said in probably every holiday post I’ve ever written, I love the holiday season! I also love that I am able to experience and create a whole new set of holiday memories Read More.

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