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  • Welcome to My Clean Kitchen. We have a clean eating philosophy and strive to create recipes full of whole, fresh, and healthy ingredients. Here are some of our latest creations. Enjoy!
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    • Whole Wheat Parker House Rolls
      Whole WHeat Parker House Rolls Yes!!!

      Alright I admit it….I love bread. Don’t kill me. I know, the Carbs! The gluten! The sugar! Oh no I can hear the Paleo police knocking at my door!!! But whatever, like I said I love bread. Before I became an adamant clean eater I used to make these Parker House Rolls. Mmmmm rolls. At Read More.

    • Foodie’s Deviled Eggs
      Spectacular Deviled Eggs - SO pretty

      Wanna impress your mother in law? How about your Martha Stewart-ish sister? Well, bring these snazzy looking eggs to easter brunch. They are super pretty and not too difficult to make. However, it does take a couple of days to make them, so get started soon! You have to start by pickling the beets, then picklings the eggs in the beet pickle juice. Which takes some "waiting" time. But, the result is worth it. Read More.

    • Carrot Cake
      Carrot Cake

      Easter is such a difficult holiday for the healthy eater. Really, there are no traditional Easter recipes that are truly clean! Jessica and I are always looking for a challenge, and this one definitely was a challenge. If you have read our blog before, you know we talk a lot about ingredient swapping. Read More.

    • Does My Kitchen Affect my Waistline?
      Does My Kitchen Affect My Waistline Photo

      We are once again thrilled to have Kathryn McMillan from Clutter Conversions, LLC write a guest post for us! This post is particularly helpful for those of us (all of us!) struggling to manage the everyday challenges of life, work, kids, keeping up with the house, etc. I bet you are wondering what in the Read More.

    • Roasted Garlic Cauliflower
      Roasted Garlic Cauliflower!!!

      This week I am going back to Charleston, SC for my friend’s wedding. I am so excited! Not only do I get to celebrate one of my best friends getting married, but I also get to go back to my favorite town. I lived in Charleston for 10 years, and even though I have been Read More.

    • Chocolate Almond Butter
      Chocolate Almond Butter Soo GOOD!!!

      It was then I set out on a mission to create something that would satisfy my craving for my old favorite treat. At first I wanted to make it with hazelnuts like the original, but after a while I began to think that I might like an almond butter version better. I mean honestly....almond butter is already so good on its own...how could adding chocolate to it be a bad idea? Read More.

    • Cleaning Up Pinterest – Recipe Round Up
      Cleaning Up Pinterest - A Collection of Popular Pins - All Cleaned Up

      Last week we cleaned up some of the most popular recipes on Pinterest. Here is a round up of all the cleaned up recipes. The simple changes we made to these recipes make a big difference in their nutritional value as well as calories, fat, sodium, and sugar volume.  We were so happy with the Read More.

    • Rosemary Chicken Lasagna
      Cleaning Up Pinterest - Rosemary Chicken Lasagna!!!

      As we are coming close to wrapping up our Cleaning Up Pinterest Week, I decided to find a recipe that would challenge myself. Wow did I find one. The recipe I decided to clean up was Rosemary Chicken Lasagna by  Feasting at Home. This recipe was #8 on The Huffington Post’s Recipes that Won Pinterest in 2013. This Read More.

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    My Clean Kitchen is written by friends and colleagues, Sara Christopherson and Jessica Warrens. They each bring a unique perspective to the clean eating philosophy on the recipes, stories, and content here at My Clean Kitchen.
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