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Toasted Punpkin Seeds So simple and delish

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Now that our daughter is 5, we’ve hit total Halloween mania. We lucked out that in the neighborhood we moved to is also Halloween crazy! My daughter, as with many many other kids, is going to be Else this year. I planned ahead and bought the costume in July. I’m pretty proud of myself. Our […]

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Jardenea Bar

Jardenea – Passion and Technique Meet in DC

Last week Sara and I had the privilege of visiting Jardenea at the Melrose  Georgetown Hotel in Washington, DC. They invited us in to try their new fall menu. The Restaurant’s Executive Chef Nate Lindsay shares the same seasonal farm to table philosophy we support at My Clean Kitchen. The young chef carefully sources his […]

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Apple Roasted Chicken So good! and simple perfect for thanksgiving!

Apple Roast Chicken

This week Jessica and I took a trip to Bold Rock Cidery in Nellysford, VA. This place is like Disney World for grown ups. It’s beautiful there and the cider is delicious! I have been hooked on their Virginia Draft for a while now, I can get it at my local grocery store. The fact […]

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MCK Grilled Sweet Potato and Pineapple Whole30 Goodness

Grilled Pineapple and Sweet Potato Stack

I have been longing to use my grill. It has been raining and raining and raining here. I think it was a “want what you can’t have situation” but, I fired up the grill the second I saw that first bit of sun peak out of the clouds that had been covering our little bit of […]

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Chocolate Pumpkin Bars Yum!!!

Chocolate Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars

  Over the weekend I decided it would be fun to go pumpkin picking. I have never actually done it before, but figure hey, might as well go straight to the source right? One of our local farms and wineries, Jones Tree Farm, offers pumpkin picking so I decided to give them a try. It […]

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MCK Turns 1!

My Clean Kitchen Turns One!!!

Wow, we can’t believe it’s been a year since we started My Clean Kitchen. It all started in Sara’s little kitchen with the idea of writing a cookbook, that quickly evolved into a food blog. Little did we know when we got started that we’d be joining a unique and sophisticated group of people. Food bloggers are dedicated, creative and fun. We are honored to be a part of that community. Over the year, we have tried hard to create recipes that are not only delicious but also healthy, fresh and local. It’s been an exciting and challenging journey.

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Heritage Harvest Festival at Monitcello

Heritage Harvest Festival at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

A few weekends ago, on a whim, a friend and I decided to go to the Heritage Harvest Festival at Monticello. And, well, wow, is all I can say. This festival was absolutely amazing, and was only $10! I had no idea about the scope of this festival. Next year I plan to attend every day, […]

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Pumpkin Chili!!!

Pumpkin Chili

  I went to Newport, RI for the first time last week. It was amazing, I cannot believe I have never been there before. The old houses and cobblestone streets reminded me of when I used to live in Charleston, SC, which made it feel like home. I won’t lie to you…Robocop and I spent […]

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Whole 30 Week 4 - My Clean Kitchen

Whole 30 Week 4

  We did it! Robocop and I finished our first Whole 30. Surprisingly, it was not as difficult as we thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, the first week was rough. The sugar cravings were much worse than I anticipated and at one point I actually had a dream about doughnuts. But once […]

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Broiled Tilapia with Dill and Tomatoes simple and delish!

Broiled Tilapia with Dill and Roasted Tomatoes

The other day my daughter and I were at the grocery store and we passed by the fish counter. She went crazy, “mommy I want shrimp, I want fish, oh can we get those crab hands” Of course she meant crab claws, kids can be so cute sometimes. So out of respect for my “Eat it even if you don’t like it rule” I snagged two fish fillets.

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