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Toasted Punpkin Seeds So simple and delish

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Now that our daughter is 5, we’ve hit total Halloween mania. We lucked out that in the neighborhood we moved to is also Halloween crazy! My daughter, as with many many other kids, is going to be Else this year. I planned ahead and bought the costume in July. I’m pretty proud of myself. Our […]

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Roasted Almond Honey Clusters Yum!!!

Roasted Almond Honey Clusters

This year I have decided to be ¬†more adventurous with my garden than normal. I planted all the usual culprits of course, tomatoes, zucchini, squash and cucumbers…but I also broke outside of my comfort zone and planted some jalapeno and poblano peppers, strawberries, and several types of lettuce. Now for all the very seasoned gardeners […]

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Almond Butter Protien Balls

Almond Butter Protein Balls

Personally, I have often found that snacks and lunches are the most challenging aspect of clean eating. It can be difficult to find clean foods that are easily portable, healthy, satisfying and still tasty. Over the last couple of months I have gone on a personal mission of trying to come up with delicious clean […]

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Chocolate Almond Butter Soo GOOD!!!

Chocolate Almond Butter

It was then I set out on a mission to create something that would satisfy my craving for my old favorite treat. At first I wanted to make it with hazelnuts like the original, but after a while I began to think that I might like an almond butter version better. I mean honestly….almond butter is already so good on its own…how could adding chocolate to it be a bad idea?

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Spicy Honey Roasted Chickpeas!!! YES!

Spicy Honey Roasted Chickpeas

Since finding interesting and delicious clean eating snacks can be a problem sometimes, I wanted to create a recipe that would be inexpensive, simple, and satisfying. The result…Spicy Honey Roasted Chickpeas! They are simple to make. Just combine a bunch of spices you probably already have in your cabinet, add the chickpeas and stir. Toss them in the oven for about 30 minutes and you are good to go! They have just enough heat to get your attention without burning your taste buds off. But I will warn you…be careful…these little guys are addictive!

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Green Olive Hummus SO Yummy Clean Eating is Awesome!

Green Olive Hummus

I didn’t realize how much I loved green olives until I made this hummus. Mario Specialty Food sent us some olives and asked us to help them create some healthy recipes. Originally I thought I’d make a tapinade, but decided to go with a hummus instead. I’m so glad I did. The green olives simply extend the olive oil flavor in the hummus and it so so yummy.

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Featured ImageSuper Bowl Game Plan Clean Eating

Clean Eating Super Bowl Game Plan

Are you ready for some football? I know I am. I love all things football. (I know I sound like a broken record.) But, I thought I’d share my menu for the upcoming festivities. I will be showcasing some of my favorite My Clean Kitchen recipes plus a salad. Have to get the extra greens […]

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Sweet Potato Chips Spicy! Yumy! I love My Clean Kitchen!!!

Spicy Sweet Potato Chips

January is football month in this house. We adore all things football. I am an alumna of Florida State University. Yes, the same ones that are the NATIONAL CHAMPIONS. I was just a little excited yesterday. So, watching all these bowl games got me thinking about what I would serve at this year’s Super Bowl shindig, now that we are eating clean. So I came up with a couple of recipes and tried them out this week. I started with this Spicy Sweet Potato Chip. They were a pleasant surprise.

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Popcorn Balls WOW Crop!!!

Almond Butter Popcorn Balls

We are in the holiday spirit here at My Clean Kitchen! Today we shopped, pretty much all day. It was cold and wet here but that didn’t stop people from flooding the stores. It was pretty crowded out there! It was such a nice treat to come home and reward ourselves with a delicious popcorn […]

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Almonds for Challenge

Rosemary Chipotle Roasted Almonds

I usually do a food gift for the neighbors and friends in town. In the past I’ve made candied pecans. But, this year I did a cleaned up version of the “nut” gift. The rosemary and chipotle flavors marry so well with the maple syrup. These almonds are so yummy, I had to force myself to stop eating them so I had enough to package up for gifts. I’ll be making a few more clean eating food gifts this week.

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