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Paleo Kid Cookbook


Paleo Kid Cookbook by MyCleanKitchen.com

The Paleo Kid Cookbook is available in several ebook formats including NOOK, Sony eReader, and Firefox and Chrome ebook readers.

To purchase the book for $2.99 on Nook, Sony eReader, iBooks, etc, click here.

Let’s be honest, we have all stood in the kitchen staring at an open pantry or refrigerator, wondering what to make for dinner. Maybe we are tired, short on time, or just lacking inspiration…but we all have that moment where we ask ourselves….do I cook or just order in? The idea of making healthy delicious meals for a family everyday can be intimidating. Even when we buy the right ingredients, we often ask ourselves…Will my kids like this? How can I get them to eat more vegetables? How do I help my family make healthy choices? How can I feed my family delicious meals that are also good for them?

The Paleo Kid Cookbook has 30 kid approved recipes. Each recipe has detailed ingredient list, step by step instructions, estimated cook times and tips to make delicious meals your family will love. The book includes breakfast, main dishes, side dishes, meal components, and dessert recipes. The authors provide helpful information on how to get your kids to try new foods by getting them involved in the cooking process.