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My Clean Kitchen

My Clean Kitchen is the brain child of Sara Christopherson and Jessica Warrens. It is the result of our own personal food journeys and months of cooperative brainstorming. For us clean eating is about eating whole and unprocessed foods.



Our Food Philosophy

  • Eat Local
  • Eat Organic (especially produce)
  • Naturally Raised Meats
  • Avoid Processed Food


Go Local

We believe in the importance of eating fresh local ingredients. When you buy local not only are you supporting your community, but the food you get is more likely to be fresh and nutritious, and the meats are more likely to have been raised in humane conditions. We try to incorporate at least one local ingredient in all of our recipes. We tell you which local ingredient we used and also where it was purchased. We hope this will inspire you to explore local products in your community and incorporate them into your cooking!


What is Clean Eating?

Clean eating is based on the idea that you should only consume foods in their natural form. Basically, if it is man-made…don’t eat it. This includes processed foods, ones that are full of artificial fillers and preservatives and basically anything that was cooked by a company and not an actual person. This includes eliminating fast foods, boxed meals, canned soups, and basically anything not resembling actual food.

The My Clean Kitchen Philosophy is not a diet plan, but rather a life style. We believe that by eliminating processed foods and eating fresh organic and locally sourced lean meats, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and dairy, you will lead a happier and healthier life.

We have centered our recipes and blogs on the idea that cooking fresh healthy food does not have to be intimidating. You do not need a fancy culinary degree to cook healthy meals that also taste delicious. In addition, we hope to debunk the notion that you have to buy pre-made and processed products, like condiments, because no normal person is able to make them on their own. Our hope is that not only can we show you that it is easy to make things like ketchup and salad dressing on your own…but that they will also taste better and be less expensive than the store bought variety.

However, like everyone else in the world we are not perfect. We do not eat clean 100% of the time. We believe that adopting an 80 % /20% clean eating philosophy is best and has the greatest likelihood of success. There are going to be days where you go out to eat with your friends and guess what…that’s great! It does not mean that you can’t also try to lead a clean lifestyle. because at the end of the day, what is the point of being healthy if you can’t also have fun.

We are happy you visited our site and hope you enjoy taking this journey with us as we try to make living a clean lifestyle manageable in our busy modern world.